Sheriff Chris Degase
As Sheriff of Douglas County I believe it is imperative to stay involved in all aspects of the department. With the limited man power in Douglas County, I do not have the luxury of assigning supervising staff over different areas of the department. However, I do not view this as a hindrance. I believe to have respect you must earn it not only from the citizens of Douglas County but my employees as well. I stay actively involved in the cases my deputies are working, therefore I can provide assistance and guidance when needed and never ask them to do something I am not willing to do myself. I believe as an elected official of Douglas County, it is my duty to stay apprised of everything that goes on within my respective office!

Sgt.  Vernon Johnson
Sgt. Vernon Johnson has 20 Years of service to the citizens of Douglas County. Deputy Johnson has a wealth of information and knowledge regarding not only the citizens of Douglas County, but the day to day operations at the Douglas County Sheriff’s office. Sgt.  Johnson and I have worked together very closely since the first of the year, on the burglaries in Douglas County. Sgt.  Johnson is also responsible for photographing all major crime scenes to document and preserve evidence. Sgt. Johnson is also one of two operators of our Computer Voice Stress Analyzer.

Deputy Brad Loveless
Deputy Loveless came the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office in January of 2009 when I took office. Deputy Loveless will be the canine handler for the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office. We were donated a dog, Ceasar, by Blackhawk Kennels. Deputy Loveless and Ceasar have already gone through obedience and handler training. Ceasar will be certified in a variety areas to include bite certification.


Deputy Nathan Long
Deputy Long came to work at the Douglas County Sheriff’s office in March of 2009. Deputy Long came from Mtn. Grove Police Department and has been a valuable asset to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.Deputy Long will be Scheduled in the near future to attend the Clandestine Lab Certification. Deputy Long will work closely with the South Central Drug Task Force and be working most of the methamphetamine related calls.